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Apr 9, 2013 Apple

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Manadev is certified extension and theme
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SEO Layered Navigation Enterprise

Our layered navigation stack just got fully compatible with Magento 2 Enterprise Edition! Read More

SEO Layered Navigation Plus Elasticsearch

2019 June update of of SEO Layered Navigation Plus extension contains Elastic Search compatibility feature, logical AND support, possibility to customize order of filter in category and more! Read More

29 JUN 18

New extension for Magento 2 SEO

Posted in General News By Mana Team


Many have asked for this, so today finally it is here - Filter Specific Content extension to give filtered pages unique content Read More

03 JUL 17

SEO Layered Navigation Plus for Magento 2

Posted in General News By Mana Team


A long waited SEO Layered Navigation Plus extension for Magento 2 is finally here. Many thanks for your patient and understanding :-) Read More

Magento2 Multiple Select Layered Navigation

Now that Magento2 has made its eagerly anticipated and long awaited debut, reinforcing its position as the Number 1 eCommerce solution on the market for the past 4-5 years (depending on whom you read), we are very happy to announce the availability of Layered Navigation (Filters) with Multiple Select for Magento 2. Read More


We are extremely flattered by the reviews we’ve received for extensions and services. We worked very hard to make our extensions work smoothly, while also striving to enhance the performance. The fact that our contemporaries see fit to offer praise of our efforts is equally rewarding and humbling. Read More

03 AUG 15

Merchant Beta for Magento 2 launch

Posted in General News By Mana Team

This is a very exciting time for us here at MANAdev. The latest version of the world’s most popular open-source eCommerce platform, Magento 2, is nearing release and we’ve been asked by the Magento team to participate in the upcoming Magento 2 Merchant Launch Program. We’re very proud to be one of the developers on a short-list of Magento Extension Developers that received such an invitation! Read More

Interesting journey of Mono Machines LLC (small, family-owned business, they offer office products) on how it is important to choose right developers, right hosting and reliable extension developer, like of-course!

It’s been a long journey and we’ve wasted thousands of dollars on crappy hosting and worthless extensions over the years but we’ve finally arrived at a happy, stable place!

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12 FEB 15

Valentine? Nah, #MageStackDay 2015!

Posted in General News By Mana Team

Manadev at MageStackDay 2015

Magento devs know how to entertain on love day, don't they? So we do :)

Starting from tomorrow we are going to spread our love to Magento and participate in #MageStackDay - online hackathon dedicated to answering, closing and cleaning up questions on well known Join and meet us 13-14 February 2015 on #MageStackDay 2015, let's have fun together!

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MANAdev Infinite Scrolling extension works fine with most themes out of the box. However, some themes introduce very non-standard HTML structure to product lists in catalog/product/list.phtml template and extra configuration is required to help MANAdev Infinite Scrolling extension to find key HTML elements on product list page. This article describes in detail how infinite scrolling extension works, what key elements in HTML structure it searches for and how it can be configured.

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In Magento 1.9.1 and later version, just set MANAdev->Global Configuration->General->JavaScript Libraries for Store Frontend->jQuery to Do not load and Save. For 1.9.0, please continue reading.

All MANAdev Extensions work with Magento 1.9 standard responsive theme (rwd/default). Still most of them contain dynamic Javascript features and thus require a slight modification which is described in detail in this article.

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Shop By Brand Attribute Splash Pages extension automatically adds all generated sttribute and option pages to the top menu. While this feature works out-of-the-box on most stores, some stores redefine top menu PHTML template and in such store attribute and option page menu may not appear. In this case you should add this menu part manually and here is how:

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SEO Layered Navigation Plus and Price Slider for Layered Navigation allow you to combine 2 attribute in one slider - Min/Max slider. Read More
Sometimes it is useful to display filter label instead of --All-- in drop-down filter in Layered Navigation, especially when using it as horizontal filter menu above products. Read More

23 AUG 13

Disabling extensions in Magento

Posted By Mana Team

After disabling extension in Magento it will have no impact to the store just like it would be not installed at all. Some extensions consist of just one module other of few. You may disable whole extension or just some part of it.

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Full Page Cache (FPC) solutions allows store owners to increase site performance. Magento during each page load executes a lot of costly operations: a lot of SQL queries, tons of file reads, XML transformations and more. FPC solutions save fully rendered page in cache and upon subsequent requests avoid most of those costly operations and instead serve the page from cache (which is a lot faster).

All MANAdev Layered Navigation extensions work with FPC solution which comes with Magento Enterprise Edition (no configuration required) and with Lesti FPC (additional configuration required, see below). There may be more compatible FPC solutions, but these were not explicitly tested to the moment of writing.

For MANAdev layered navigation extensions to work with Lesti FPC (A internal Magento Full Page Cache extension by Gordon Lesti) uri params should be added.

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10 JAN 13

Adding Bestsellers Page to Your Magento Store

Posted By Mana Team

Now you can easily add a page with bestsellers to your Magento store using Shop by Special Price, Catalog Price Rules, New Arrivals, Attribute Option, Bestseller extension. Here is how:

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Starting from version of SEO Layered Navigation Plus and Expand/Collapse for Layered Navigation extensions, you can easily customize for each category whether filter is initially expanded or collapsed. Here is how: Read More
Starting from version of SEO Layered Navigation Plus extension, you can easily set category-specific filter labels. Here is how: Read More

Now you can easily add a page showing all products having specified attribute option to your Magento store using Shop by Special Price, Catalog Price Rules, New Arrivals, Attribute Option extension. Here is how:

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01 NOV 12

Adding New Arrivals Page to Your Magento Store

Posted By Mana Team

Now you can easily add a page with new arrivals to your Magento store using Shop by Special Price, Catalog Price Rules, New Arrivals, Attribute Option extension. Here is how:

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Starting from version of SEO Layered Navigation Plus and Layered Navigation Positioning extensions, you can easily hide or show individual filters in certain categories. Here is how: Read More

31 JAN 12

Adding Specials Page to Your Magento Store

Posted By Mana Team

Now you can easily add a page with special offers to your Magento store using Shop by Special Price, Catalog Price Rules, New Arrivals, Attribute Option extension. Here is how:

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23 JAN 12

Dealing with jQuery Conflicts

Posted By Mana Team

If after installing an extension you get javascript errors in your browser or in case browser-side logic is not executing as expected, good chance is that the root problem is so-called jQuery conflict (situation when 2 or more jquery instances are defined one the same page).

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18 NOV 11

Customizing Appearance of MANAdev Extensions

Posted By Mana Team

On most themes MANAdev extensions look fine out of the box. Despite that, you can easily customize look and feel of the extension:

  1. Change CSS styles
  2. Change images
  3. Change HTML templates
  4. Adapt layout
  5. Adapt javascript to changed HTML template
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Typical extension installation involves uploading extension files and clearing Magento cache. Under certain circumstances, extension does not get installed, and Magento starts reporting (in var/report directory, by email, or on screen, depending on the settings) errors like "Base table or view not found", "Column not found" or "Index not found".

In this article, we examine why it happens, how to avoid it and how to fix it.

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15 NOV 11

Customizing Layered Navigation Page Titles

Posted By Mana Team
The and later versions of SEO Layered Navigation Plus and Search Engine Friendly (SEO) Layered Navigation, Paging, Sorting Links and Page Titles extensions allow rendering custom page title when one or several specified layered navigation filters are selected. The basic idea is the following: you add an m_page_titles.xml file to app/etc directory containing page title rendering rules. The page titles are altered once the file is added or modified. Here is the example of such a file: Read More
By default, all extensions from Layered Navigation series other than SEO Layered Navigation Plus and Positioning/Horizontal navigation are adjusted to work with left column layout themes. In order to adapt the extension to theme with right column layout, please follow these steps: Read More

Any extension from MANAdev Layered Navigation series including SEO Layered Navigation Plus can be put into any CMS page including Home Page. Here is how:

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