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High Praise for MANAdev Layered Navigation Extensions

This time, it is one of our favorite Magento solution providers - a digital marketing agency based in Central London Best Response Media writes about 7 Magento extensions to improve Your Ecommerce Site.

While the goal of any eCommerce solution should be to help you simplify and enhance the buying experience for your customers, regardless of the complexity of the selection process, Magento remains at the top of the heap because of the effectiveness of their platform. Being able to enhance that functionality is our only goal in offering the variety of extensions we produce at MANAdev.

Here are few more, older reviews:

Once again, we would like to thank the folks at Best Response Media, Inchoo.net, MonoMachines.com, Astrio.net , and for their reviews of our Magento extensions, and finding them valuable, efficient, and cost-effective.

It is wonderful to know that we have such good and reputable Magento solution providers and customers who trust, use, and recommend our extensions.