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Wow, you guys have a great support team. When my layered navigation suddenly developed a bug, you guys found it and fixed it for me in less than 24 ho ... Read more

Jan 25, 2017 Mr. Don President

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  • Apr 21, 2017 Haleen Hoes

    Your support is so fast it’s stunning. You guys obviously know your stuff, including the knowledge of your clients who make mistakes during installation or use. Thanks for fixing my screw-up so quickly. You have a loyal customer in me!
  • Jan 25, 2017 Mr. Don President

    Wow, you guys have a great support team. When my layered navigation suddenly developed a bug, you guys found it and fixed it for me in less than 24 hours. (Yeah, it was my mistake but you didn’t get rude with me. LOL) I give your support team 5 Stars!
  • Jan 10, 2017 Chanette Kennedy

    Really incredible support from the team at MANAdev. I was having some issues getting the Layered Navigation SEO Plus set up as my theme was causing a conflict - the wonderful Monika stepped right in and fixed it within minutes!
    The customer service has by far been the best I've experienced from any developer so I'd fully recommend them to everyone!
  • Jul 10, 2015 DefianceSports

    Amazing support - great products and code.

    We have used a lot of extensions on the market place and have started to get a feel for who writes great code. Manadev's extensions work as promise and their developers are totally willing to go above and beyond to help make them work. We had two conflicting extensions and they were able to recode their ext to accommodate for the other. Their support has been to date the fastest to respond to emails, generally less than a day turn around time. I highly recommend them to anyone looking in the market place that is comparing similar extensions.
  • Apr 14, 2015 Poleposition

    After upgrading to we had a problem with javascript scripts not refreshing after AJAX updates.The official support time is 6 months but even 1,5 year after purchase they gave us the immediate solution all withing 1 hour! That is how all developers should act in my opinion.
  • Feb 24, 2015 petjez

    All my support questions where answered promptly. Support is excellent. I would definitely recommend to use the extensions of manadev.
  • Jan 15, 2015 Dr George A.

    Amazing Support!
    The team behind the extension is probably the best magento certified developers out there, who will simply solve any problem - response time is less than 1 hour. In addition, they are professional in everything they doing, while maintaining a friendly tone.
  • Jul 2, 2014 Professor62

    Outstanding and responsive customer support manaDEV has. Their support led me through the process of installing and configuring it, when problems showed up, they were there to help.

    Even requested features were built into an update within a few hours.

    Thank you !
  • Jan 20, 2014 RonnieSunshines ,

    Fantastic extensions, support is second to none too than you Manadev.
  • Jun 19, 2013 J Mulderij ,

    My webshop contains 20000+ supplement products and it is essential that my visitors can easily find my products by the use of filters. I came across the “seo layered navigation” from MANAdev and it stood out from the rest because of it’s many functions and ways to make it easier for your customers to find the product their looking for.

    Easy install and it works great!

  • Apr 9, 2013 Apple

    The support is very fast and helpful.
    I have buy a lot of extension but most of the time the support is slow or not at all, but by them not.
    I can recommend this company to everybody.
  • Aug 22, 2012 Absolutex

    - MANADEV is the best, excellent support (5-Star)

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