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Let your current customers convince your future customers the easiest possible way!


Let your current customers convince your future customers the easiest possible way!

How To Install

Backup your system

Though this extension does not modify standard Magento files, we strongly recommend to backup your Magento installation before any extension installation or update:

  • Create full copy of your Magento directory.
  • Create database backup (use command „mysqldump -u <db user from app/etc/local.xml> -h localhost „-p<db password from app/etc/local.xml>“ <db name from app/etc/local.xml> > backup.sql“).


Extract and Copy

In case you use Magento compilation feature, please open menu System -> Tools -> Compilation. In Compilation page, press Disable button.

On your computer, extract  ZIP file in a directory where Magento is installed. Your extract files directly, without creating separate directory with the name of ZIP file.

In case you would like to install this on your remotely hosted server, extract downloaded ZIP file in a temporary directory and upload all the extracted files directly to the remote directory where Magento is installed.


Please do these steps:

  • Log in to Magento Admin Panel. If already logged in, please log out and log in anew.
  • Open menu System -> Cache Management. In Cache Storage Management page, select all cache types and apply Refresh action to all of them. Disabled cache types do not need to be refreshed.
  • If previously used, enable magento compilation feature back using menu System -> Tools -> Compilation, buttons Enable and Run Compilation Process.
  • Thats it, done.


This extension is compatible with the Magento version 1.4.2 and later.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

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