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Jul 10, 2015 DefianceSports

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Manadev is certified extension and theme
developer for Magento

Getting Started

First of all, install both SEO Layered Navigation Plus for Magento 2 and Filter Specific Content for Magento 2 extensions as described in Installation Guide.

Default filter-specific content templates are located in app/code/Manadev/FilterSpecificContent/view/frontend/templates directory. These templates start altering page content immediately after extension is installed. You can try altering these templates to make sure that extension is installed correctly.

Important. Do not edit default filter-specific content templates as with subsequent extension updates these files will be overridden and your changes will be lost.

Starting From Scratch

Instead, copy all files from app/code/Manadev/FilterSpecificContent/view/frontend/templates directory to [your_theme_path]/Manadev_FilterSpecificContent/templates directory and modify them there.

After files are copied in your theme you can customize them by copy and tailoring to your needs recipes from our Examples section.

Also, read more about:

Starting With Predefined Sample Templates

Alternatively, you can download and install the following theme with sample filter-specific content rules:

Download Sample Theme

This theme:

  • expects standard Magento sample data to be installed. However, nothing will break if you don't have sample data - you just won't see any filter-specific content applied. You can still use sample files as a basis for your own filter-specific content rules.
  • is based on Magento/luma theme, you can modify it in theme.xml file to be based on your theme instead.

Install sample theme by

  • uploading all files from ZIP file into root Magento directory,
  • refreshing Magento cache with php bin/magento cache:clean command,
  • checking that you are in developer mode with php bin/magento deploy:mode:show command,
    • if you are in production mode, change to developer mode with php bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer command, otherwise Magento will not see newly installed theme.
  • refreshing any page and Magento Admin Panel,
  • applying theme for your store in Content -> Design -> Configuration -> Edit [your store] -> Applied Theme = Theme for demonstrating Filter-Specific Content extension features

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