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SEO Layered Navigation Plus

Extends Layered Navigation with fast SEO friendly AJAX, Multiple Select, Checkboxes, SEO incl. paging and sorting, Price Slider, Show More / Show Less, Radio Buttons, Drop-Down lists.
It is full package of all our Layered Navigation extensions. Not only saves you money but also allows you to use future Layered Navigation extensions for free.



Check User's Guide for detailed product description, installation and updating instructions.

This extension bundles all layered navigation extensions from into one easy-to-install package. Main features:

  • SEO part update - shorter and very flexible url structure, canonical urls including rel=prev and rel=next on paged product catalog, redirects to the same attribute order ( and - both redirects to one of them), redirect to category page when category filter applied preventing double content issue, redirects from old url structure to new (now you can change you Layered navigation safely)use attribute labels instead of attribute code, manage SEO url keys.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Transforms URL links of applied filters, pages, sorting to human readable and (most important) to search engine friendly form.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Control which filtered pages search engines can reach and which should not be indexed.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Control page title tags content for every category or even filter applied.
  • Fast AJAX feature is even more convenient to use.
  • Positioning - possibility to put filters on 3 locations at the same time - left, top and right. Possibility to have the same filter on all three positions. Possibility to control state (filters selected) for all tree positions individually.
  • Responsive design ready, filters collapse to accordion type menu depending on screen size you set in pixels, check Store View 2 on our demo site.
  • Different top (above products) filter templates - horizontally laid filter template, drop down menu filter template or responsive Accordion menu type filter template for mobile devices with touch screens. - choose per store view which one to use.
  • Show/Hide filters for any category.
  • Possibility to have different filter labels for every category.
  • Multiple Select with or without Checkboxes. It allows store customers to apply several layered navigation filter options while browsing catalog categories or catalog search results. Multiple selection feature works in price filter as well as in all attribute-based filters.
  • Reverse mode - let customers to select options they are not interested in.
  • Show More / Show Less functionality allows to make long lists of filter values more convenient to store customers by adding "Show More" and "Show Less" actions to such filters.There are 3 types for it - expand/collapse list, scroll list and popup window (for very long lists of attributes).
  • Filter option quick search box
  • Drop-Down lists for long attribute lists
  • Price Slider - slider for attributes of type price. Slider for custom Price type attributes like weight, width, screen size, etc. Round units if you need - 100cm to 1m, 1024MB to 1 TB, etc. Enable additional inputs (text boxes) for manual value entering. Possibility to slide only through existing values. Few slider styles.
  • Min/Max Slider allows to combine 2 price type attributes in one slider.
  • Color and image picker lets you assign color code and/or image, set size, mouse over, select state images etc. to any attribute value individually. Horizontal and vertical layouts.
  • Tree view of categories.
  • NEW! Additional template: tree view for second level categories and deeper.
  • NEW! Possibility to remove category from category filter.
  • Show or hide separate categories block on categories pages.
  • Clear button for every filter individually
  • Expand/collapse filters
  • Show attribute groups
  • Help tooltips near filter name for filter label.
  • Session tracking, remembers selected filters on Back button.
  • You can use layered navigation on home page or any other CMS page..
  • Full Magento Enterprise Edition SOLR support.
  • Standard (one from many) Magento Layered Navigation functionality with or without radio buttons.
  • Customize for each filter individually from Admin Panel
  • Customize for each Store View individually from Admin Panel


All of these features can be configured globally for the whole Magento installation and can be further tailored for each individual filter, for each store view.

Other features:

  • No core code changes
  • Easy installation
  • 100% Open Source
  • Custom design-ready
  • Localization-ready
  • Multistore ready


License is for one Magento installation and as many testing/development environments as you need

This extension is compatible with the Magento version 1.4.2 and later stable versions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us


How To Install

Backup your system

Though this extension does not modify standard Magento files, we strongly recommend to backup your Magento installation before any extension installation or update:

  • Create full copy of your Magento directory.
  • Create database backup (use command „mysqldump -u <db user from app/etc/local.xml> -h localhost „-p<db password from app/etc/local.xml>“ <db name from app/etc/local.xml> > backup.sql“).

Extract and Copy

Installation instruction:

  1. Download latest version of extension from your account on
  2. Make sure compilation is disabled in System->Tools->Compilation
  3. Make sure all cache is enabled System->Cache Management
  4. Upload all files of extension to base (root) Magento catalog
  5. Refresh cache
  6. Logout and login anew
  7. It should be working now, check if MANAdev indexes run properly in System->Index management, reindex it if needed.


You will find more useful information on configuration, troubleshooting etc. in our Blog & Documentation section.

This extension is compatible with the Magento CE version 1.4.2 and later and EE corresponding.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us


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SEO Layered Navigation Plus
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