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Jan 15, 2015 Dr George A.

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How To Make The Associations In The Database

You can import representing products just like any other ordinary products and after they are imported you can create a script which "links" corresponding representing products together. Our extension doesn't provide any out-of-the-box import script for linking represented products.

Representing Product Grid

Representing products are shown in Admin Panel page of the "original" product page:

Multiple Representations of The Product Enabled

In the example below, this product is the original product itself and 2050 and 2051 are IDs of representing products.

ID of the original product is stored in mana_repr_product_id attribute of representing products. This attribute is only used in representing products and is not assigned to the original product.

Pack Qty, Algorithm and Part/Percent columns are stored in mana_repr_pack_qty, mana_repr_algorithm and mana_repr_part attributes, respectively.

Position of the product in the grid controlled in Admin panel with drag-and-drop of the first column, is stored in mana_repr_position attribute.

That's all about editable grid settings.

Other Settings

Enable Multiple Representations of This Product and Override Existing Product Attributes toggles are stored in mana_repr_enable and mana_repr_override attributes of the original product, respectively. These attributes are only used in the original products and are not assigned to the representing products.

Calculated Represented Quantity

The extension uses all these settings to calculate represented qty whenever original qty changes (is imported or sale/refund of original or representing product happens). The calculated represented qty is stored in mana_repr_qty and mana_repr_qty_text attributes (same value, the only difference is that the former attribute is decimal and the latter is varchar).

For easier use with M2E, our extension also internally saves the calculated represented qty into the standard product qty.

Don't try to assign represented qty manually. Otherwise the extension may "think" it is Magento trying to register some sale and it will count the qty difference into the original qty.

Instead, assign editable attributes mana_repr_product_id, mana_repr_pack_qty, mana_repr_algorithm, mana_repr_part, mana_repr_position, mana_repr_enable and mana_repr_override attributes as described above and then call stored procedure to calculate represented qties passing the ID or the original product:

CALL mana_many_sku_calc_product(1)

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