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Global Configuration


Admin Panel Menu

All MANAdev extensions (except our free extension Multiple Select for Layered Navigation (Filters)) share the same approach to configuring layered navigation. In order to access extension settings, pick up MANADEV menu on the left sidebar.

First of all it is convenient to configure default settings applicable to all represented products. This can be set up in Global Configuration menu under Many SKU One Inventory section.

Later on you can customize certain settings for each product.

Admin Panel Menu

Global Configuration

Section defines default settings for representing products.

Later on, every specific representing product can be customized in product form.

In order to do global set up, go to menu MANADEV -> Many SKU One Inventory -> Global Configuration on the left sidebar and edit global settings:


  • Default Status - default status for newly cloned product

    • Enabled - cloned product will be enabled
    • Disabled - cloned product will be disabled. This is default option to avoid new products be available for sale and other processes.
  • Override Existing Product Attributes. Used only for existing products being added as represented product. The value later can be changed in product edit screen.

    • Yes - attributes of an existing product added as a representing product will be overridden
    • No - attributes of an existing product added as a representing product will not be overridden
  • Default Pack Qty - default quantity of product in the package for newly cloned product..For example 6 bottles in the pack. Helps to organize storing and selling of packed products.

  • Default Algorithm - default quantity calculation algorithm for newly cloned product.

    • Parts - all parts are summed up and total quantity is distributed according the part.

    Representing Products Algorithm - Parts

    • Percent - represented quantity is exact percentage value of stock quantity:

    Representing Products Algorithm - Percent

    • Exact Qty - quantity is equal to given exact value

    Representing Products Algorithm - Exact Qty

    • Virtual Percent - quantity of newly created product is added as additional percentage to original product quantity. This is default option, suitable for main use case

    Representing Products Algorithm - Virtual Percent

  • Default Part/Percent - default number of parts for newly cloned product. The value is used to calculate and distribute original product quantity to all represented products.

Attributes Not Propagated To New Product Copies

During cloning process of represented product attributes specified below are not copied from represented product. Instead, default values are assigned.

  • Attribute - select any attribute which should not be copied to new product.

Attributes Not Propagated To Existing Products

If you agree to override existing product attributes while adding it as representing product attributes specified below are not copied from represented product. Instead, existing values are preserved.

  • Attribute - select any attribute which should not be overridden while adding existing product.

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