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Jul 2, 2014 Professor62

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Comparison With Extension "Many SKU One Inventory" for Magento 1.x

MANAdev provides Many SKU One Inventory extension for Magento 1.x .

MANAdev extension for Magento 2 is very similar to its Magento 1.x counterpart in what it does, but underlying data structures has changed, both by Magento and MANAdev:

  • In Magento 2.x new orders don't decrease stock qty, but instead create reservations for the item. So product quantity available for sale equal to stock qty reduced by a sum of all pending reservations. Magento order shipment cancels reservations and update stock quantity.

  • MANAdev extension Many SKU One Inventory for Magento 1.x stores configuration of representing products in catalog_product_link_* table group (same as related products are stored by Magento) and represented quantity in cataloginventory_stock_item table (in additional column, near where Magento stores stock qty). In the extension for Magento 2 both configuration of representing products and represented quantity is stored as product attributes mana_repr_*.

    New product attributes, introduced by Many SKU One Inventory extension for Magento 2 can be found in Stores -> Attributes -> Product:

    • mana_repr_enable - enable multiple representations of the product
    • mana_repr_override - override existing product attributes
    • mana_repr_product_id - for represented products ID of the main products
    • mana_repr_algorithm - represented stock split algorithm (shown in representing product grid)
    • mana_repr_pack_qty - represented pack quantity (shown in representing product grid)
    • mana_repr_part - represented stock part (shown in representing product grid)
    • mana_repr_position - represented product position (shown in representing product grid)
    • mana_repr_qty - calculated quantity in number format
    • mana_repr_qty_text - calculated quantity in text format
  • In M2E extension no additional configuration should be needed, like t was in the extension for Magento 1.x. Job queue should assign stock quantities of representing products and correct reservations just where Magento stores them, so you should see correct stock information about representing products in product list and export it from there:

    M2E Integration

    Order import should also work by standard means - our extension processes all quantity changes and reservations made by new orders and updates data as needed.

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