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Translating MANAdev Extensions

1. Where to find files

After installation, all interface labels and messages, used by extension will be added to app/locale/en_US folder, where English locale is stored.

MANAdev extension texts, that could be translated, are stored in one or several CSV files with names, started with Mana.

Like in other Magento translation files, MANAdev extension stores translations in format:

"Original text","Translated text"

If the store is multilingual, there will be different locales for different store views, app/locale/xx_XX, where

  • xx is a language code
  • XX is a country code.

2. How to translate

In order to translate MANAdev extension texts, you need to

  • Copy files with Mana prefix in their names from app/locale/en_US to your locale folder;
  • Edit every file in text editor by modifying only Translated text;
  • Save the file
  • Refresh Magento cache. To do this, open menu System -> Cache Management in Manegnto Admin panel. Select all cache types, choose Refresh from the drop-down menu, and submit the action.

Refresh Magento Cache

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