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Jan 10, 2017 Chanette Kennedy

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Why price slider min and max values are not changed, when another filter is applied?

Consider the following example:

  1. When price filter is shown in Layered Navigation as a slider, max value is set by largest price of all products in the category. In the below example price slider min value is $0 while max value is set to $500 accordingly to the most expensive product price:

    Price Slider Filter Is Not Applied

  2. If customer set desired price range to $55 to $110, he will see only 3 products:

    Price Slider Filter Is Applied

  3. When customer apply another filter - select Bracelets from JEWELRY TYPE, price slider min and max values are not changed to $0 and $55, like it logically should be for selected products, but stays the same $0 and $500.

Price Slider Filter And Second Filter Are Applied

So the answer is: it is by design. If price range would be volatile, it should be $0 to $55. But currently applied range is $55 to $110. So currently applied range would appear out of the whole range. Current solution is found to be to less distracting to the user.

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