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Promote your products with ease! Add automatic animated banner with promoted products to the top of each category page, single out promoted products in product list with ribbon, tag or other, email promoted products, allow customer to Shop By promoted products. And all this is highly customizable!

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This extension helps you to promote your products in few ways.

  • Banner with promoted products of the category with/without subcategories. Allows you to add a slider with featured products to the top of each category page. It's easy - just mark product as featured, set date and it is already there. After you get fast result, you can fully customize appearance, animations, controls and many other options in System->Configuration. See it alive
  • Let your customers to Shop By promoted products - you can have CMS page with all promoted products, browse them using Layered navigation See it alive
  • Email featured products easily, ready-to-use block quickly adds all featured products to email template
  • Mark products with ribbon, clips, etc. in top banner and/or in product list

Highly customizable:

  • Choose what you'd like to show in banner and show/hide it easily - image, description, add to cart button, add to links, etc
  • Leave short description of a product or prepare promotion text specially for the banner
  • Put additional accent on product banner with included ribbons or easily add your own: just add your CSS class in Admin Panel
  • Attract customer's attention with both hide and show animations or add your own by adding jQuery effect name in Admin panel
  • 8 fashionable shadow types which single out the banner and grab attention even more
  • Numbers, bullets, navigation arrows and more for everyone's taste
  • Sort promoted products by price, name, by position in category or randomly
  • Easily limit maximum number of products promoted at a time
  • Include or exclude subcategory products

Other features:

  • No core code changes
  • Easy installation
  • Custom design-ready
  • Localization-ready

This extension is compatible with the Magento version 1.4.2 and later stable versions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us


How To Install

Backup your system

Though this extension does not modify standard Magento files, we strongly recommend to backup your Magento installation before any extension installation or update:

  • Create full copy of your Magento directory.
  • Create database backup (use command „mysqldump -u <db user from app/etc/local.xml> -h localhost „-p<db password from app/etc/local.xml>“ <db name from app/etc/local.xml> > backup.sql“).


Extract and Copy

In case you use Magento compilation feature, please open menu System -> Tools -> Compilation. In Compilation page, press Disable button.

On your computer, extract  ZIP file in a directory where Magento is installed. Your extract files directly, without creating separate directory with the name of ZIP file.

In case you would like to install this on your remotely hosted server, extract downloaded ZIP file in a temporary directory and upload all the extracted files directly to the remote directory where Magento is installed.


Please do these steps:

  • Log in to Magento Admin Panel. If already logged in, please log out and log in anew.
  • Open menu System -> Cache Management. In Cache Storage Management page, select all cache types and apply Refresh action to all of them. Disabled cache types do not need to be refreshed.
  • If previously used, enable magento compilation feature back using menu System -> Tools -> Compilation, buttons Enable and Run Compilation Process.
  • Thats it, done.




Set design to manapro_featured: System->Configuration->Design->Theme->Default->manapro_featured (System->Configuration->Design->Theme->Package->default)

See it in action on frontend - it should work already.

Apply to your theme

Actually you have to Copy all content from skin/frontend/default/manapro_featured directory to skin/frontend/your_package/your_theme and all files from app/design/frontend/default/manapro_featured directory to app/design/frontend/your_package/your_theme directory.

If there are some files needed to be overridden, then open both files in text editor and copy text regions marked with <!-- MANAPRO_FEATURED BEGIN --> and <!-- MANAPRO_FEATURED END --> to corresponding places in your theme file (if you see "find this ... and replace with everything from next line" instructions - follow them too!)


This extension is compatible with the Magento version 1.4.2 and later.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us


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Featured Product Slider
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